• New 110,000 SF Facility
• 33 New Classrooms
• Energy Efficient Design
• Flexible Learning Environments


The New Walnut Grove Elementary school is designed to be a flagship school that focuses on the needs in education of the 21st century. The need for collaborative and small group learning experiences is encouraged through the design of flexible learning spaces throughout the school. Such spaces include a learning riser in the middle of the school as well as hearth rooms that develop a sense of community within each grade level. The new elementary school takes into account sustainable design principle through high-performing envelope design, daylighting, energy production and creative MEP solutions that reduce carbon footprint and encourage environmental education. The school is also designed to be not just an educational facility but also a community center where public can enjoy some of the facility after hours while educational wings can be blocked off to increase safety.

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"Last week we did a fire drill untimed just to get kids used to the process. Today, we did a timed drill with the training key. Holy wow! We had 675 students and adults evacuate the building in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. They all met on the large blacktop on the 2nd-5th grade playground. This was the best fire drill and student behavior I have ever experienced in 21 years. This has a lot to do with the design of the building and planning. Thank you!!"

Brian Proctor, Walnut Grove Principal